Choice is the key to sustainable development

One of the main reasons why people are so reluctant to embracing sustainability is the perceived sacrifice that comes from being green. The thought of giving up the comfortable lifestyle we have all become accustomed to is indeed a scary prospect but being green isn’t about making sacrifices. It’s about making smart choices that lead to sustainable development.

Academics often refer to our needs as an end or a means to an end. For example, we need to be entertained but we don’t need to have the television on to achieve this. Equally, we need the ability to do our jobs but we don’t need products that are unsustainable in order to do so.

The end refers to the final goal while the means to an end refers to how we get to the final goes. With this in mind, we needn’t chance the end goal but our way of getting to that goal. If we all adopt this mentality we can all make smarter decisions about what products we buy. We need products that work and enable us to achieve our end objective; green products can help to achieve this objective.

Wiles Greenworld, London’s green office supplies distributor that operates a free recycling service and offers eco-friendly alternatives to their product range has been educating customers and suppliers into making smarter choices. By focusing on the needs customers have been converted to more environmentally friendly operation and more eco-efficient office management.

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