Cheap office supplies vs. green office supplies

What is best for your business? Buying supplies at the lowest possible price to reduce your company’s short term costs or buying green stationery which has a considerably lower impact on the environment? While it may seem like the obvious answer is the cheaper office supplies in reality the greener option saves businesses considerably more money.

The problem with cheap office supplies is sustainability, low cost is short-term orientated, it doesn’t consider the future and certainly doesn’t take into account the virgin material being used to create those products. As we continue to drain the planet of its resources we will only see prices increase. However this is not the case if we make use of recycled products. That’s because recycled products are made from material that has already been used and is being deterred away from landfill.

Wiles Greenworld London office supplies company has noticed a trend in the industry where non-recycled office supplies are increasing in price while green office supplies are becoming more and more inexpensive to the point where some green products are cheaper than their non-green counterparts.

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