Certifying your recycling!


Certificate’s of Recycling are awarded annually to our top 100 Customers that recycle, to establish the materials and quantities they recycled in the previous year.

Being a Green Office  Suppliers based in London we can help you continually increase your recycling by providing certificates which you can circulate around your staff to promote responsible recycling practices.

The UK currently recycles around 50% of glass bottles and jars and while this figure has doubled over the last five years it still lags behind other countries. For example, both Switzerland and Finland recycle more than 90% of their glass.
Over 20,000 tonnes of batteries are sent to landfill in the UK each year rather than recycled. It takes 50 times more energy to make a battery than the energy it provides during its life. This is why we provide Battery Boxes to make it easier to collect & recycle used batteries.
If you would like information about Recycling At Work as well as purchasing Green Office Supplies then please contact Sales on 0208 758 7700.

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