Carbon Trust Standard retained by O2 through energy efficient office

According to figures released by O2 the company has cut carbon emissions by nearly 30,000 tonnes CO2 in the last two years. O2 was the first mobile network operator to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2009 and have now been recertified.

Chief executive of O2 UK believes that the Carbon Trust Standard is a real sign of commitment to carbon reduction, through using technology to measure energy usage, connect people and encourage new ways of working, O2 are able to make major differences to climate change.

02 also has a new head office which uses environmental management, smart technology and flexible working to cut the office’s carbon emissions by 53%.

With more firms being environmentally aware reducing the impact we have on climate change will become easier. Wiles Greenworld, London office Supplies Company ensures their impact on climate change is minimal through monitoring all types of energy usage, using alternative fuels, and spreading awareness to employees and customers in the form of environmental consultancy.

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