Canada energy industry must improve green reputation

Canada has been told that it will not be able to fully benefit from huge resources of oil and natural gas unless the energy industry improves its environmental record, a Canadian Senate report concluded on Thursday.

The report, from the Energy Committee of the Senate, said Canada should do more to persuade the world it was developing its resources responsibly.

“Canada must demonstrate its commitment to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions on a national scale,” it said, adding that firms working in the oil sands industry had to improve their environmental performance.

Canada has the world’s third largest proven reserves of crude and the Conservative government wants to turn the nation into an energy superpower.

But greenhouse gas emissions keep rising and look set to spike even higher as development picks up in the oil rich tar sands. Activists have condemned the Conservative government for not doing more to protect the environment and Canada regularly wins “Fossil of the day” awards from environmental groups.

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