Call for gas to meet emissions targets

Economists have said that new gas stations need to be built to meet emissions targets in the electricity sector.

The energy and climate change select committee held a question session on the proposed electricity market reform. The specialist in utilities, infrastructure, regulation and the environment has said the reform was need regardless of government aims to reach the 2020 and 2030 emission targets using only renewable energy was absurd and unrealistic.

Specialists have said that consumers would face sharply rising bills by 2015 to meet the costs of renewable energy unless a plan of action was begun to avoid this. A reliance of mixed energy sources such as gas, nuclear and smart grid and renewable would be needed in order to meet emissions targets in the electricity sector.

At Wiles Greenworld, London based office Supplies Company, director Toby Robins aims to reduce emissions in every way possible from alternative fuelled vehicles to censored low energy lights in office environments.

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