BSI… “Making Excellence a Habit”

Here at Wiles Greenworld the Green Office Supplies company, we have not only been recognised for being the London Recycling Service & London Office Supplies company, we have also been recognised as the company that offers the complete business solution.

The complete business solution being the focus on customers’ needs met whilst reducing costs and done so in the most sustainable and ethical way.

Caring for the environment is 2nd nature in our company, since 2004 we have been certified to ISO 14001, our years of reduced environment impart has given us experiences/expertise that we take pride in sharing with our customers.

On Tuesday Our Green Guru Toby Robins, presented our experiences of the new ISO 14001 at the official BSI launch of the new standard. Meeting regulations is not a chore it’s a hobby!

All of the team at Wiles Greenworld are proud in knowing that we are working for an ethical and responsible company.

Toby- BSI

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