Britons want to be greener but don’t know where to begin

A survey shows that over 75% of Britons want to reduce their impacts on the environment but are worried about the cost and confused about the technologies on offer. This survey follows a previous survey that revealed that three quarters of the public do not consider the energy efficiency of a property before buying or renting a home.

The survey by energy supplier EON, found people are motivated nearly equally by money and environmental concerns when it comes to reducing their environmental impact. Nearly 78% said saving money would motivate then to be greener and 75% said they want to reduce their environmental impact.

Although people want to benefit the environment a significant number of 40% are concerned about the high costs of doing so. Nearly a quarter of the people surveyed also are unaware of ways in which they can reduce their impacts.

EON has broke down the best ways to reduce energy consumption into three categories: insulate moderate and generate. They suggest keeping curtains shut once dark helps prevent heat escaping and insulating lofts with at least 270 millimetre wool will keep a building warmer. Moderation in terms of low energy light bulbs uses 80% less electricity, and companies should also generate more awareness on the issue.

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