Britain’s biggest retailers rolling out newly certified biofuel

Britain’s biggest supermarket chain Tesco is planning to introduce biofuel to help power its UK stores after certification by the Government’s energy watchdog that it is 100 per cent renewable.

Tesco was granted a Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) by Ofgem that confirms the bio-ethanol contains no traces of fossil fuels and enables Tesco to benefit from a subsidy for every megawatt hour (MWh) generated by the renewable power source. Tesco said it will now roll out the green fuel to other stores across the UK and described the certification as a “key part” of its plans to cut its carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2020 and become a zero carbon retailer by 2050.

Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor that offers free recycling at work and has a waste reduction policy was impressed by the news which should see it adopt biodiesel in future. The company which is known for green office supplies and corporate responsibility plans to phase out it’s use of diesel and petroleum in favour of biodiesel which should improve the company’s carbon footprint even further than the carbon reduction of 10% per year which it currently achieves.

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