Asia’s greenest city is Singapore

The research looked at 22 Asian cities’ environmental performance and climate protection measures. Singapore city stood out for its ambitious targets and its efficient approach to achieving them.

Eight categories were applied to the research: energy and CO2, land use and buildings, transport, waste, water, sanitation, air quality and environmental governance.

The report shows that prosperous Asian cities have greater environmental awareness and infrastructures are more efficient. These cities actively cut their consumption of natural resources.

The biggest challenges for Asian cities are air pollution levels, the development of renewable energies and population growth where rural populations have moved to the cities. This increased urbanisation is having a huge impact on infrastructure, with a strain being put on energy, clean water and transportation.

Air pollution in cities such as London is also increasing, but companies such as Wiles Greenworld and office supplies company keeps their impact on the environment to a minimum by using alternative fuels in vehicles and operating an energy efficient office.

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