Air Quality – being part of the solution

At Wiles Greenworld, we are already doing a number of things to minimise the emissions of our van fleet that deliver Office Supplies to our customers every day.  For Example:

  • We have introduced a route optimisation system whereby drivers van routes are planned so they finish at their homes and do not have to come back to base at the end of the day, which reduces our Carbon Footprint
  • Collecting Office Recycling in London when we deliver means that our vans are never driving around the streets empty. This system also indirectly halves the number of vans on London’s streets that would otherwise be collecting recycling
  • Annual Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) courses are attended by drivers on an annual basis
  • The vans are all installed with stop-start technology so that engines cut out automatically when they are not moving

By joining LoCITY we can influence key decisions and programme outputs, including technology demonstration, infrastructure placement and the development of procurement requirements. We are helping form part of the solution to improving London’s air quality by being LoCity Champions. Find out more about LoCity at

If you would like to find out anymore information , call us on 020 8758 7700 to speak to our Lead Sustainability Consultant, Jonathan Withey.

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