3% rise in greenhouse gases due to the big chill

Figures show that families pumped out more greenhouse gases last year by turning up heating to keep warm. Emissions rise by almost 3% as the coldest year since 1986 forced homeowners to use more power.

Carbon dioxide- which makes up more than 80% of the total- rose by about 4%. Emissions from 2009 were reduced as the recession hit transport and business but now activist fear these figures could soar.

‘Our economy is dangerously hooked on fossil fuels as it was 20 years ago- so emissions are bound to ruse as the economy picks up’, said Andy Atkins, executive director of friends of the earth.

The government now needs to set tougher emissions targets in order to resolve and future issues. According to Martin Williams, the group’s energy campaigner said Britain has the worst housing stock in Europe and homes need more insulation.

Since 1990 greenhouse gases have been cut by a quarter largely because of the switch from coal to gas power. Energy and Climate change secretary Chris Huhne said the coalition was determined to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and boost renewable energy.

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