2011 set to be crucial year for UK green business

According to UK firms and lobby groups, 2011 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the low carbon economy and green business.

GreenWise polled 25 firms, which suggested that conditions were right for real progress on reducing carbon emissions and placing sustainability at the heart of the business. An optimistic view was expressed about the growing commercial opportunities in the market for green products and services. This view is shared and illustrated at London based green office supplies company, Wiles Greenworld. They offer green products to customers, services such as free recycling, environmental consultancy and reduce their emissions as a company.

Positivity has been shown by big businesses. Paul Turner, head of Sustainable Development, Lloyds Banking Group, said 2011 would be ‘a good year for the green economy because of commodity prices, which would make businesses look hard at how operational efficiencies can be made’.

There was also a sense too, that those who moved to being green early on in 2010 has set the foundations for greater environmental responsibility by the business community in 2011.

Last year, many multinationals started to look beyond their lesser direct carbon emissions at the greater impacts up and downstream of operations. Firms such as Unilever, Wal-Mart and Tesco set high targets to reduce significantly their emissions from supply chains, themselves and customers. Wiles Greenworld too, take this view by collecting recycling the same time they deliver, offering green products to customers, and conducting regular meetings to educate staff about green news.

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