Environmental Policy Statement

Wiles Greenworld is committed to maintaining its position as the industry leader regarding emissions reductions, minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainability among its suppliers and customers.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

  • From our zero waste to landfill baseline, to actively apply the waste hierarchy.
  • Minimising toxic emissions through the intelligent selection and operation of our fleet, through the reduction in energy usage and deployment of low carbon technologies and management of waste.
  • To support the transition to a circular economy by actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst customers and suppliers.
  • To address supply chain emissions by pursuing the company policy of green procurement based on products and manufacturers environmental accreditations.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and wherever possible, aim to perform beyond compliance.
  • Ensure best practice and continual improvement within our Environmental Management System through third party certification and audit.
  • Measure our carbon footprint and move towards a net positive environmental impact through local community and international carbon offsetting projects.
  • To be transparent and honest via a system of comprehensive reporting.

Arthur Hindmarch

Managing Director

Reviewed January 2017

Next Review Date January 2018