Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Wiles Greenworld recognises its obligations to act responsibly, ethically and with integrity in its dealings with staff, customers, neighbours and the environment as a whole.

To this end: –

  • The Company minimises health and safety risks to staff and visitors through the implementation and management of a management system certified to BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • The Company has a separate environmental policy statement clarifying its commitment to delivering a net positive impact on the environment.
  • The Company is proud that its management is recognised through ISO9001, ISO14001.
  • The Company actively works with local community projects to deliver social value and climate change awareness
  • The Company donates management time to promote sustainability both within the industry, within the environmental management profession, and through presentations at schools and lectures at universities.

Arthur Hindmarch

Managing Director

Reviewed January 2017

Next Review Date January 2018