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Perivale Wood

We are now supporting Perivale Wood, an ancient woodland, a 5 minute walk from our offices which is owned and managed by The Selbourne Society, one of the oldest nature societies in the world.

A new education programme at Perivale Wood has been developed with the aim of bringing local inner city school groups to engage pupils in valuing nature and recognising the potential impacts of climate change. A website was developed specifically for the education programme www.perivalewood.org.uk.

We are helping facilitate as many local school groups as possible to visit the woodland over 2017 and 2018.

Perivale Wood 1    Perivale Wood 2

Commercial Foundation We Do Print

Every year at least 40 young people enrol on the We Do Print Program. The young people enrol through The Prince’s Trust and have all had circumstances and situations which have prevented from fulfilling their potential. They provide them with personalised support in a real work environment, where they are equal and valued members of our team.

As you can see from Sam’s story, participants in the program apply for roles within the business that interest them, including manufacturing, creative and administration. We then give them on-the-job experience and support, helping them learn the print business by being right at the heart of it. Workshops and training also provide further insight as they take the next step on their journey.

Sustainability in Practice

Sustainability in Practice

Iema (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) has recognised us as a sustainability leader, not only within our industry but also the wider national and international landscape.

If you are not familiar with iema, they are the worldwide membership body for environment and sustainability professionals, driving global standards for sustainable practice. This means that sustainability professionals are looking at us to understand our journey towards sustainable development and see if there is anything they can learn to implement with their clients (such as zero waste to landfill policy).

If you would like to learn more about us and how iema is addressing the corporate sustainability challenge simply click here.

Forests Matter

Without the demand for paper, sustainably managed forests might not exist.

Forests are the lungs of the Earth, producing the oxygen we breath, providing habitats for 1 of every 3 land animals, and supporting the livelihoods for over 1.6 billion people.

99.5% of the paper we sell is either FSC or PEFC accredited and we are proud to support PEFC – the world’s largest sustainable forest certification system.

Please watch the video above to learn more about why PEFC is such an important organisation for the preservation and sustainable management of our forests!

Taking Action: Saving the AWA Tribe

Forests are the “lungs of the world” producing the oxygen that we breathe. They are also home to tribes which have lived in harmony with nature for generations and generations, such as the Awa tribe in Brazil. Illegal logging and farming interests, both for subsistence and for global trade opportunities, are reeking environmental and social havoc. Ancient forest is not appropriate for making paper but the international FSC and PEFC standards that apply to all our paper sourcing also applies to wood products such as furniture. Please look for the symbols to ensure that you are helping rather than hindering the efforts to preserve the rainforests and the home of the Awa.

“Nature can live without us… but we can’t live without nature”.

The Eden Project in Cornwall is world Renowned as an educational charity sharing learning on climates, the environment and the value of plants.

Wiles Greenworld was introduced to the educational outreach program by Planet First and has already supported four schools and almost five hundred pupils having a fun day with a serious message.

“Nature can live without us… but we can’t live without nature.” It’s a powerful message that the Education Officer from the Eden Project delivers when he spends a day at the schools we have sponsored him to visit.

Wiles Greenworld - The Eden Project

Wiles Greenworld now 100% powered by the Sun

To demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and transitioning to zero carbon operation, we have made a six figure investment in over 80Kw of solar PV panels covering the company roof. This will meet all our electricity requirements for most of the year and pay for itself in 7-8 years.

Wiles Greenworld - Powered by the Sun

World Record for Fastest Solo Circumnavigation of the Globe –Ellen MacArthur

When the nearest people are on the International Space Station you know that your survival depends on you and what you have with you. That lesson on resource scarcity inspired yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur to establish the Foundation that bears her name. She recognised that the same principles apply on a macro scale to all humanity and how we use the limited resources of the planet. The drive and ambition that made her the fastest person ever to sail, solo around the world, drove her to set up her Charity and inspire others towards a sustainable, circular economy.

“This is where the glacier ends now… and this is where it used to end!”

It was back in 2010 that our relationship with the Ashden award winning Ashley School began. We sponsored the year 6 trip to Chamonix, the French Alps, where the children were able to see climate change in action; a life changing moment. We have continued to sponsor the trip every year since. The children reflect on their role in changing the world from three different perspectives: as an individual, as a member of a team and making a difference globally.

Wiles Greenworld - Chamonix 2013 Wiles Greenworld - Chamonix 2014

Litre of Light

At Wiles Greenworld we like to make a difference; a difference to people and a difference to the environment. That’s why when we came across the Litre of Light we thought how best to share it.  Working with our customer, the charity Childreach International, we put together a pilot project to provide zero carbon lighting, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to 100 households in Tanzania.

In rural parts of the country lighting is provided by the ubiquitous kerosene lamp which has negative impacts socially, economically and environmentally. This project not only addresses health issues from the smoke, but also releases all the money spent on the fuel. Children are able to do homework and the evenings become a productive and socially positive family time – with no carbon cost.

Childreach are as pleased as we are with the success of the project so we’re scaling it up and rolling it out over the next year.  If you’d like to join us in making a difference please contact us; it would be great to have you on board.

Passionate about Service….

‘A world in which Wiles Greenworld is the preferred supplier for your daily business needs and where you will experience customer service & support beyond your expectations.

Working together, our ethics, integrity and team’s passion to create customer intimacy, will result in a relationship that adds real value to your business.’

Environmental Services…

Making green claims for simply offering a few recycled products is not enough. That’s why we also check out where they are made and the credentials of the suppliers themselves. We also provide:

  • Proactive ongoing account management process to help our customers get greener and greener.
  • Free of charge recycling service.
  • We use alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Our ‘How to Green your Business Guide’ helps your business become more environmental.
  • Our IEMA-qualified environmental audit helps our customers who are serious about their impact on the environment.

At Wiles Greenworld our approach to driving towards sustainability is at the heart of our business. Our efforts to reduce environmental impact are not confined to our own operations, we also share our expertise assisting and advising suppliers, customers and even competitors; it’s the right thing to do.


Wiles Greenworld operates a professional Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001:2004 which has been certificated against this internationally-recognised standard since 2004. Our processes are audited by BSI – the British Standards Institute.

Year after year our award-winning initiatives have reduced our environmental impact providing us with experience and expertise that we share with our customers and suppliers.

Carbon Offset…

In 2009 we renounced our carbon neutral status, investing instead in a Charitable Trust set up to support greenhouse gas reducing schemes locally. We are very proud of our year on year carbon reductions and set up the Trust because we wanted to help others, less fortunate but equally committed, to lessen their carbon footprints too.

We are particularly delighted by the long-standing relationship with the inspirational, Ashden award winning, Ashley School whose annual trip to see climate change in action at Chamonix in the French Alps has been sponsored by us for several years.

Your Deliveries…

Our fleet of  10 vehicles deliver to our City of London, West London and Home Counties clients. We offer a free same day service with no minimum order values. Having our own fleet gives us the service control we require to meet all our clients varying demands. For clients outside of our delivery areas our services are provided by 3rd party carriers, this service is measured and managed daily as if they were our own fleet.

Locally-held, Managed Stocks…

Wiles Greenworld is almost unique in holding stock here in London rather than relying on distribution centres hundreds of miles away. This means that our service levels are exceptionally high and the environmental cost of every delivery is exceptionally low. Our stock is based on the products our clients purchase and is totally focused around our No.1 Essential Catalogue.

Wiles Greenworld Intensive Care…

Although a rarity we do make mistakes. We treat mistakes seriously and have a monitoring system called Wiles Greenworld Intensive Care. If it is felt that the problem requires monitoring to either make sure we as an organisation have learnt from it or that that we want to be confident that the client is satisfied that we have removed the problem, we will add the clients name to the list and they will remain on the list for a period of 3 months. Every month they will receive a call, the goal being that the customer is satisfied and ultimately removed from the list.

Invoicing and Reporting…

At Wiles Greenworld we have a dedicated internal team that will work with you to meet all your varying invoice or paperwork requirements. We tailor our invoicing to meet the client’s needs and have a comprehensive range of reporting available.

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